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About Body Linguistics

© Fokke van Saane

About Body Linguistics

Meet Claudia Kratzheller

What if …

You could transform the fear and quiet your self-doubt?

How would your life look like?
I dare say: it will shift a lot!

There is nothing more energizing than trusting your message and owning your value.

Your body and your voice have it.

You and I are not so different….

I understand what it’s like to feel limited due to inner conflict, fear, overthinking and self-doubt.

For years, I did not seem to fit in, often kept quiet and held back with my ideas, wisdom and gift to inspire other people.

Although I have been working with people for over 20 years, it’s been a combination of my personal journey, knowledge and expertise that has enabled me to guide others.

You can only guide people in personal growth when you have walked the path Yourself before!

11 things you don’t know about me:

Professional Expertise

After all, I did it:

I sat down and did the math, roughly.
The sum is 25.370.

During my career I guided 25.370 people:
to support them to be more at home in their bodies, and use their body-intelligence.

The sum splits up as follows:

* Note for Accuracy:

These numbers have been taken at a point in time.
They change, of course – like everything else in life, luckily!
Still, they serve here to give you an impression.

What is more important is that during these years all the people that I have supported, have been teaching me:
To read bodies, to read energies, to gain experience, to fine tune my expertise, to change, to keep developing.

The number is no guarantee for success.
It’s definitely a history of experience and proof of evidence:

I know my stuff.

The Jewel moments

What Tango has taught me:

Argentinian Tango is usually associated with passion and romance.
Yes, and it’s much more than that:

I started dancing Tango, almost 20 years ago,
because I thought it would be “good” for me to follow a lead.

Ha! How little did I know…
What Tango has taught me:

to listen with my whole body, not only with my ears
to dance a dialogue without words
to keep my own grounding AND connect to my partner
to choose my dances, to say yes and no full-heartedly

… and much more.

These are all qualities and skills that are helpful for communication,
not only on the dance floor, but also during conversation:

In business and in private life alike.

When you speak, walk and talk with your whole body and presence
it’s easier to connect to others, beyond language and culture.


It’s much more than following a lead:

Presence & Pleasure


Connection & Confidence



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