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Who will benefit?

Since you are here, you are probably interested in what this can mean for you

– and also not quite sure yet. 


Let me take you into a couple of life situations.

As you read it, feel if it evokes a “Yes!” –  “No.” or “Maybe…” in you.

Before…and after !

Is this you?



Here are 5 situations 
of how your reality could feel and look like: 



Before and after Body & Voice Coaching!



Help! I am a talking head!


When I am in a discussion with people – especially if it is about a complex situation or a problem that needs to be solved – I tend to become this talking head. I forget about my body – and sometimes I even forget to breathe! 

I tend to hold my breath when I am thinking and only notice this when I feel that my breathing has become very shallow, or I have become very tired.


During discussions and meetings, I am listening and speaking with my whole body: I stay energized and give energy to others, by moving and being moved by the content of the words.

I am aware of my breathing.

It supports me to notice when I need to breathe deeper.

It’s easier to stay connected to myself, the discussion, and the other people. I can listen with inner peace and feel relaxed in my body.

Why do people not hear me?


It has happened that I say something and no one hears it!

Or someone else says the same thing, but then it’s welcomed as a very interesting point.

Why did they not listen to me in the first place?

Or I am searching for words because I was not sure about the point and people tend to speak over me.

My voice starts trembling or gets croaky, then I don’t like the sound of it.

When other people are talking at the same time, I have trouble making myself heard.


My voice is steadier.  I am more comfortable using different pitches and tones, and use the full range of it, from high to low, soft and loud.

I accept and enjoy the particular quality of my own voice. If it is croaky or breaking, I don’t make a big deal out of it and know how to change it.

I am more confident and am able to cut through a crowd of voices if it’s necessary.

Waiting for the moment.

I am shy and worried... What do they think of me?


When I am in a discussion or meeting, I am mostly silent and tend to listen.

I like to hear the opinion of everybody. Often I miss the impulse of speaking up.
It makes me feel like I am overflooding with information and I don’t see the opportunity to express myself.
I feel like I am invisible and constipated at the same time!

It happens that I am silent consciously, because I feel the room needs it and an additional comment will not add.
As a result, people tend to underrate my expertise or don’t know what I can contribute to the project.



I sense the moment of speaking up and grab it to let my voice be heard! 

I experience a balance when to listen and when to contribute to the conversation, and it feels organic.

I find a way of bringing in my expertise in various ways:

one-on-one conversations, written reports,

and speaking about my ideas and suggestions.


When I am invited to speak about a topic in a group of people that I do not know, I become shy.

I am worried about the impression I will make and afraid to fail or not be liked.

I look down a lot, struggling to stay connected to myself as well as to the group and the whole audience.


I am confident to talk to strangers and curious about a new situation. I look out to see what is happening around me and am able to stay connected to my inner world at the same time.
It’s easier to leave the possible judgments of other people to them.

I go ahead and offer my idea and input anyway and I am open for feed-back, without taking it personally.

I see a flip chart or PowerPoint set-up -any type of formal setting, I get so nervous!


I find it easy to express myself when I am in a private situation or with friends. I love to tell stories and enjoy doing that!

But as soon as it changes to a business setting I get nervous, my heart starts to pound, and I even get red spots in my neck and face…that formal situation inhibits me in my expression and freedom.

I am anxious that my ideas are not good enough or will not be taken seriously, and I experience a barrier between the private and the professional “ME”.


I am confident and calm, independent if I am going to speak to close friends or in a more formal setting.

I am able to stay connected to my own body and breath as well as to the content of my message.

Being connected to my imagination helps me to vary what I express and how I say it.

I trust that my ideas are worthwhile and valuable to contribute to the process and the workplace.

I am myself, regardless of the boardroom or campfire.

“The only way to find your voice is to use it.” Jen Mueller

Did you recognize Yourself in one or more of the situations above?

If the answer is yes, read on!

Let's find out if you are ready to take the plunge...


Self Compassion


Openness to experience

Would you like to make the change?

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