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On my massage table, you are welcome for a full-body treatment.

For more info on times and booking please contact me:


Touch on the skin stimulates Oxytocin: the Happiness Hormon.

It calms down and is deeply relaxing.

By relaxing the body the mind can become peaceful and still.

If you are used to doing and giving a lot: this is your time to un-do and receive…

The massage treatment also stimulate the meridians in the body, responsible for organ and hormonfunctions.

Massage stimulates the self-healing capacity of the body and brings you in deep and loving contact with yourself.

It can serve as complementary treatment during a personal coaching traject.

“Relax. Breathe. Be touched. Un-do… Be”

What type of massage?

Depending on what you need I offer you:

The treatment is done on your skin with oil and aroma essences.

There will be a selection of fragrances for you to choose from:

lavender, lemongrass, berga motte, arnica 

There will be towels and blankets to keep you covered and warm.

What happens before?

Please arrive in time: 10-15 min before the treatment.
You can enjoy a cup of tea or water and it allows you to transition with ease into the session.


We will have a short In-take Talk:
I’ll ask you about what you wish from the treatment and check in with you on your physical, emotional, and energetic state.


Please come with a clean body:
Showering before prepares your skin for the touch and is a courtesy to the therapist.


Switch off your phone.

After the session

Ideally, reserve some downtime after the session.
It is not advisable to plan back to back tight appointments after the session.

Your body and mind will need time and space to transition from undoing into function-mode again, and your reaction time might be slower than usual.

Drink lots of water or herbal tea.
It helps to flush the toxins out of your system and assists in integrating the healing and relaxing process.

It’s advisable to plan regular sessions, for instance, once a week to nourish your body and calm your mind.

Positive experiences

Deep relaxation. Cleansing, quieting, dropping, relief. Harmonizing, warmth generating inside body healing, balancing. Fabulous!
Simon Rowe
Creator and teacher of Yoga Teacher Training at DNYS


Package offers

-all prices are incl. 21% btw-

You can also treat your beloved or a friend with a Gift Voucher!

Cancellation and health policy

Please note:
In case you’d like to cancel or shift the time for the treatment, please do so at least 24 h prior to the appointment. If it’s later than 24 h before, the session will be charged.

Thank you!

Please come only to the massage if you are in a stable health condition:
in case of fever, heavy coughing or flu symptoms, please stay home.

This is in your own and the therapist’s best interest.

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