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Embodiment Coaching

Would you like to be more confident?

Are you shy to speak in public, but you’d like to be more seen and heard?

Would you like to share your mission and inspire people by speaking?




Check out if this is You:

"The only way to find your voice is to use it."

Jen Muller

The occasions could be...

This can be on a podium, when you speak at a family gathering, online when you present an idea, when you guide a discussion or to prepare for your TED talk. 

The coaching addresses all of these issues and more, exploring body and voice:
the way you feel is often reflected in your body posture and also in the sound of your voice.

In One on One sessions, I help you to develop an awareness of vocal or physical habits that might get in your way. 


We identify these patterns, and I support you to overcome them. The coaching will help you to broaden your repertoire of choice, both internally and in interaction with others.



Topics I can help you with...

In connection with yourself:

Voice & pelvic floor connection

The value of healthy boundaries

In connection with others:

About the coaching process

If we decide to work together, we schedule an initial In-take Session to crystallize your needs and map out a plan for how to reach your goals. The In-take session is usually 60 min.

Then we meet for 5 – 12 sessions to dive into the process together. Sessions are 90 min.

Depending on what your question is, there is also the possibility of body-work/hands-on treatment or massage as complementation.

Sessions can also be held live or via zoom.

Coaching sessions can be held in English, Dutch or German.

Depending on your cultural background, you might feel more comfortable or confident in your own language.

Are You ready?

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