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Presence - Power -

“Your body has it all”

Body Linguistics

Powerful & Free Safe & Sensitive

As you read this, are you aware of your body?

Do you feel your feet, your breath, and the shape of your body?

In each moment, You are communicating.
It’s a constant symphony of signals,

a giving and receiving:
it’s a dance of connection.

Only a very small part of that is the content of words!
The major part of communication is through body and voice.

The Secret:
Body awareness is a compass for connection.
The effect goes both ways:

Inner World:  How you connect to yourself 
Outer World: How you connect to other people

Do you recognize this?

How many times have you:

What will you learn?

Transformation & positive change

© Fokke van Saane

Choose your programme

Are you intrigued and wonder:
How to do that ? How to be it ?

Don’t worry!
There are various programs with different focus points.

Take a look:

Presence - Power - Pleasure

Group Program

Presence - Power - Pleasure


Pelvic Grounding Matrix


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In the individual coaching session, two things were discussed that relate to each other: my preparation for a business interview and my presence with video recordings. Points of attention were phrasing in speech, intonation, and body language.

Her advice was an eye-opener and immediately applicable to me. Claudia is a warm-hearted person, which helped me to open myself and be vulnerable. I immediately had faith in her, both in knowledge and method, and recommend her from the heart.
Ilona Kröber
Entrepreneur “Set in motion”- interieurarchitecte in Vital Spaces
About the 1 : 1 Coaching
Claudia kenmerkt zich als een liefdevolle coach, die in het begin goed aftast wat er nodig is. Tijdens de sessies is ze niet bang om door te pakken of confronterende vragen te stellen. Daarnaast gebruikt Claudia lichaamswerk om gevoelens te ankeren of juist naar boven te laten komen. Door deze veilige bedding was het gemakkelijker om uit mijn comfort zone te komen, waardoor ik beter zicht heb gekregen op hetgeen er speelt in mijn relatie. Mede door het lichaamswerk kreeg ik helder welke overtuigingen ik had en wat ik ermee wilde doen. Het heeft de relatie met mijn lief verdiept en verrijkt. Met dank en in liefde.
Frieda Boekel
Directeur, trainer, trainingsacteur STELDAT
About the 1 : 1 Coaching
It’s a chance to feel a sister bond, feel safer taking certain steps with other people, who bear no judgment and are there for the same reasons as you: setting boundaries, being comfortable with your body, being silly and testing your shame. Sharing life moments, uncomfortable ones and joyful ones.
Elisabetta Pastorutti
Yin Yoga Teacher
About the Group Program
The world is waiting for my limits, and nothing will change unless I put them into place. I am the only one who can do that, and nothing is going to disappear if I do.
Grainne Delaney
Performance Coach & Story Trainer
About the Group Program
I love Claudia’s pelvic floor awareness exercises. They are easy to perform and at first, you wouldn’t think they would do much. But here is my experience. During doing the exercise for the first time, I felt how the stagnated energy is slowly releasing and warmth is spreading through the pelvic area, a very pleasant feeling. After a few days of doing the exercises, I noticed that my lower back is feeling less tense. And when I do work out, my left hip is feeling less tired than usual! Very interesting and valuable experience, thank you!
About the Pelvic Grounding Matrix
Claudia is in vlees geworden Moeder aarde.
Shiatsu Therapist
About Claudia
She is an intuitive and authentic guide, lives what she teaches and created a space to hold everyone.
Grainne Delaney
Performance Coach & Story Trainer
About Claudia
I enjoyed a sense of cozy community during the training: being part of a group interested in the same subject. A safe space where you can explore your inner and outer world."
Joakim Sillrén
Actor & Massagetherapist
About the Group training / Boundaries

What is it?

What is it not?

Maybe you have tried other ways before, and it did not work.
Maybe You are curious if this approach really will fit you, where you are now.

It’s a two-way road: I am ready to support you, if we match, and you are ready to show up for yourself.
Please read on here about life situations and how to shift them:



Are you ready?

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