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Are you working a lot in front of the computer?
Sitting down for long hours a day?
Do you have tense shoulders and pain in your lower back?

How to prevent tension, pain, and injuries when working long hours behind a screen:
Get your online course for healthy posture, and breath connection during your working day!


Language: English


You get :
11 short films, 2-3 min each.

The mini sessions help you to (re-)focus and stay engaged in your body when you have periods of intense mental “only” activity and long periods of sitting in front of a screen.
Part of the exercises are energizing, others tension-releasing,
they all increase body & breath awareness.

The effect: more focus, clarity, and concentration.


Watch here a short trailer:


Topics for the episodes:

1) Intro Course: Welcome!
2) Intro i-crown: Falling in love…
3) Active sitting / Foundation
4) Freedom for the shoulders / Mobility
5) Top department: Head and Neck / Mobility
6) Low belly breathing: Calming the mind
7) Seated twist / Flexibility
8) Seated curl / Relaxation
9) Dress to…have space!

10) Bonus 1: Extra Breathing Instruction: prolonged exhalation
11) Bonus 2: Mobility and Micro movements

* * *

Engaging in this course can save you the time and the costs of going to a physiotherapist!

Prevention is better than damage repair.


Let’s get started!


Course Curriculum

Welcome! Introduction
2) Falling in love with the crown 00:02:00
3) Active sitting FREE 00:03:00
4) Space for the shoulders 00:03:00
5) Top department: Space for head and neck 00:02:00
6) Calming the mind: Belly Breathing 00:06:00
7) Dynamic twist on chair 00:02:00
8) Spine curl on chair: decompression 00:03:00
9) Bonus: dress…to have space! 00:02:00
10) Mobility and micro movements 00:03:00
11) Bonus: prolonged exhalation 00:07:00

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