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3) Active sitting


Would you build a house on a foundation that is crooked?
No, You wouldn’t.

Your body is that house!
– and your feet, legs, and pelvis are the foundation:
the down department.

The way how you place your feet on the ground, and how you sit has a big effect on your whole posture.



If you sit for long periods of time hunched, crunched, or crooked without proper support of your feet and pelvis, you can experience:

  • neck pain
  • lower back pain
  • fatigue
  • headaches
  • lack of concentration
  • crossed legs can cause hip problems


HOW to prevent that:

  • place your feet both on the ground, in hip width
  • find your sit bones, and sit on top of them
  • tilt your pelvis slightly up and forward
  • engage your abdomen gently


  • if you sit with crossed legs, change the crossing regularly


WHEN to do it?

  • as often as possible!
  • make it a new habit

It’s not about sitting still and hypercorrect all the time.
The point is to vary your sitting posture and be aware if you have been in one place that is compromising your alignment for too long, and to come back to that active balanced sitting Posture.

So you have a choice!


  • more energy
  • clearer focus
  • you give your body more space to breathe















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