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The matrix is a series of floor exercises, which target your pelvic area.
They are simple, specific, and fine-tuned.

Your body and your mood feel different every day.
By tuning in your daily body state with these exercises, you raise body awareness.

When doing them regularly,
you’ll notice subtle shifts and changes in your mobility.
Specifically in HOW you move:

With less effort, more ease, and more presence!
You take responsibility for your own well-being.

Watch here a short introduction:


What does pelvic grounding give you?

On an energetic inner level :


Keywords are:
Awareness, Empowerment, Fluidity, and Change


Other benefits:

  • self-connection
  • stress relief
  • release of lower back pain
  • toning of the deep abdominal muscles
  • core stabilization
  • prevention of hip problems
  • increased libido

Course Curriculum

1) Welcome 00:01:00
2) Low Belly Breathing and Mula Bandha Breathing 00:12:00
3) Snake Breath 00:04:00
4) Pelvic Clock FREE 00:08:00
5) Pelvic Bridge 00:07:00
6) Hip Opener 00:09:00
7) Unilateral Psoas Set 00:05:00
8) Circular Ground Twist 00:07:00
9) Sandwich 00:08:00
10) Space Waker 00:06:00
11) Centering in and down 00:04:00

Course Reviews


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  1. Pelvic Grounding Matrix


    “I love Claudia’s pelvic floor awareness exercises. They are easy to perform and at first, you wouldn’t think they would do much. But here is my experience.
    During doing the exercise for the first time, I felt how the stagnated energy is slowly releasing and warmth is spreading through the pelvic area, a very pleasant feeling. After a few days of doing the exercises, I noticed that my lower back is feeling less tense. And when I do work out, my left hip is feeling less tired than usual! Very interesting and valuable experience, thank you!”

  2. Fijne verdieping in mijn practice


    Ooit heb ik bij body linguistics een live workshop over de pelvis gedaan en was blij om nu een online versie te krijgen. Om te herhalen dacht ik. Ik was blij verrast toen ik allemaal nieuwe technieken mocht leren om nog dieper in mijn heupen te zakken en te vertrouwen.
    Dank je wel voor deze buitenkans!

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