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The Quality of Silence

Claudia Kratzheller
Sharing Silence.

What gets in the way?
Is it socially acceptable to simply plunge on the floor and be?

Maybe even close together?

In most cases, not.
There is the urge and often the need to talk, to behave, to socialize.
To be intelligent, to be funny, to be liked, to be interesting.

Being together in silence and being comfortable is an act of trust and connection.
Cows and sheep on a pasture do it naturally and whenever they like it, it’s part of their being.
Sure, they don’t have the burden of having to function in society and all the multiple demands
that come along with living as an educated human being.

Here are some examples of this connection:

– two cats curled around each other.
– a baby asleep in the arms of the mother
– cows and sheep on a meadow in the afternoon.
– two lovers holding each other in a quiet embrace

Resting, breathing together.
It’s enough.

No need to talk, to act, to achieve, to do…
In our culture, it is very rare.

Two examples where it does happen in our society:
Actually it is part of every Yoga class – The savasana in the end. Yin-Yoga
Here it is socially embedded and forms the resting point of an active period.

So You have “earned” your rest.
There is permission to simply “BE”.

It is one of the reasons why many people enjoy dancing Tango:
to hold and be held in each other’s arms.
To walk, to breathe together.

In Tango, the music is the element that makes you walk together…

and there is the beauty of embodied Silence…

What makes being together in silence comfortable?

– a shared feeling
– rules and rituals
– resting in the moment
– being part of the same “tribe”

What makes it uncomfortable?

– unspoken words that are stuck somewhere.
– confusion about what’s going on
– not having a ‘click’
– restlessness and a busy mind

The other aspect of Silence is the one in solitude.
As most human beings are group animals we like to be part of a tribe.
But consciously choosing silence in solitude is another form of connection.

It’s the portal to feel the connection to yourself and to all the beings and things surrounding you. Now: Do you experience moments of shared silence?
In connection? In touch? Do you have any moments of silence in solitude?`

If so, do you enjoy it? Is it awkward?
Notice for yourself when you experience silence as comfortable or as uncomfortable.

If you enjoy shared silence and being together- or if you prefer the silence in solitude:
create moments in your daily life to have them!

How? Shared silence in connection:
Hug your loved ones. Spooning with a friend. Lay with a dog or a cat. Dance tango!
Silence in solitude: Reserve time by yourself to simply BE.

Notice shapes, colors, sounds, smells.
Allow your senses to open up and connect you to the surrounding beauty.
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