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Chaos, creativity, and control: the Magic Three.

Claudia Kratzheller

Have you ever thought about getting into a threesome?

This edition is devoted to a dynamic trio:
Chaos, creativity, and control!

The connection between chaos, creativity, and control is a dynamic and flexible one:   
Time and timing play a crucial role.

Let’s take a closer look at this threesome:

Chaos can be a very creative place.
When things have lost their order – or the order is not visible yet!
– new possibilities and constellations can emerge.

It’s a playground for creativity.
If your mind has the clarity and the space to see the possibilities for connection.

So what does it all have to do with time and timing?


Your head is full of ideas, plans, and visions – not in order and not realized yet.
Potentially creative chaos!


You might feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start, or what to do first…when the mind is full and there is pressure -to do things right or to follow a certain plan, to be in control and meet expectations…it can be a killer for creativity.

Then what?

Take time, slow down. Breathe.
Notice when you are in the trap of pressure or judgment.
Maybe speak with someone to vent your feelings. Consult a mentor or coach.

A quiet and yet sharp mind is a mind that can see without labeling into boxes:
to be open to see what is actually happening.

So does that mean to give up control totally and simply float in creative chaos?

Certainly not!


The art of timing is to know when you need to shape things and take control.

How to know when is that moment?

Here are some ideas on
“personal field research”:

If you like to be in control:
Experiment with little things to shift your sense of control. It can be simply that you let a decision float a bit longer than usual. Or you let others decide and notice what that does and how it makes you feel.

If you are a creative spirit:
Notice for how long it feels fine to collect ideas and brainstorm with others to accumulate food for thought. Experiment with different ways and timings of giving shape to them or making a selection.

If you are a chaotic person:
Feel for yourself how the chaos impacts you and the people around you.
Try to notice the point when it’s a place of creative chaos and when it becomes overwhelming and suffocating.
Play with consciously taking control before the point you usually would…

Needless to say, all these experiments will have an impact on the people in your life!

If you want and your partner or friends are open to it :
share it and experiment together.

Let’s see what happens!

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