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Owning my expertise

After all, I did it.

I sat down and made the maths, roughly.

The sum is: 25.370

During my career I guided 25.370 people,
to support them to be more at home in their bodies, and use their body-intelligence.


* Note for Accuracy:

These numbers have been taken at a point in time.
They change, of course – like everything else in life, luckily!
Still, they serve here to give you an impression.

The sum splits up as follows:

In that sum, I did not include the Tangoafficionados and Contact-Improvisation dancers that have attended my trainings.

It’s an impressive sum.
And also not.
Because it’s just a number.

What is more important is that during these years all the people that I have supported, have been teaching me:

To read bodies, to read energies, to gain experience, to fine tune my expertise, to change, to keep developing.

The number is no guarantee for success.
But it’s definitely a history of experience and proof of evidence:

I know my stuff.

Here are some gems of

Embodiment examples


Yoga: the relaxed faces and open bodies when resting in Savasana


– calm and peaceful


Leadership Trainings: when the voice touches the heart during a speech


– inspiring


  • Physical Theatre: a whole group improvising and playing with rhythm

  • – joyful, creative and free


  • Tango: a young man dancing with a woman twice his age, and both are in bliss, as they enjoy the connection in the dance




  • Professional Dance Training: a group of dancers moving like one body – virtuoso, raw and elegant

11 Things you probably don’t know about me:

The jewel moments...

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