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22.75 (incl. VAT)

Model: corporate
Material: black cotton

Small multi-use bolster. Filling: African beans, no inlet, 400 gr, material: 100 % linen/cotton. Washable in the machine at 30 degrees. With zipper to empty the filling before washing – ideal as a headrest for Savasana, or as (i)-crown during sitting (computer work) meditating, walking, and standing.

Weight: 400 g
Dimensions: 12 × 12 × 6 cm



“Our crown has already been bought and is paid for.
All we have to do is wear it.”

By James Baldwin.

You are worthy.
You are valuable.
You are complete.

Often we still forget.

How you are in your body
is a reflection of
how you are in your mind.

Are you wearing your crown?

If you like a reminder,
check how the i-crown can help you:

– Postural awareness: i-crown -Trailer
– Online course: Space@work

Queen on this foto: Dorit Weintal.

3 reviews for i-crown

  1. naomimaatos

    Hier kunnen de reviews van je huidige webshop nog geplaatst worden.

  2. Claudia Kratzheller

    “The i-crown is a simple but effective tool.
    My preferred use is wearing the i-crown on top op the head while meditating. It helps elongating the spine by being a gentle reminder to the muscles around the vertebra in the upper body to stay active.” Inquel, 27/02/2022

  3. Claudia Kratzheller

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