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Presence – Power – Pleasure

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What you’ll get:

Feeling safe and comfortable in your body, having spaciousness and freedom inside,
coming from a strong center and solid grounding.

You feel calm and at ease, because you know, respect and communicate your boundaries.


You are in charge of your well-being,
instead of being at the mercy of the circumstances.
You step into Living Your Life how you wish it to be instead of being lived.

5 -month Program with 6 committed participants



Part 1

Winter break

Part 2
09/01/25 -06/03/2025


The training will be live, alternating with online sessions.
Also, you’ll receive online modules, so you can digest and devour the process in your own time at home.

Planned is one LIVE intensive retreat weekend.
The date will be announced.


Getting started
1:1 Personal Intake Session – online or face-to-face live – 2 h on appointment
Dig deep into what you need and want in the journey.

The Milestones
Facing and Embracing your strengths and pitfalls
Self-regulation: Stress & Anxiety management
Developing clear and loving boundaries
Building solid Self-care Rituals
Having Support to implement them into your life 


Personalized attention: 
figuring out what works for YOU, and what does not!

Group learning: Shared experience

Guided Feedback Circle – supportive Embodied Feedback structure

Maximum of freedom and Individuality
being supported in the Group
clarity & accountability in guidance and structure

The Practices


body awareness

core awareness: pelvic grounding matrix
Repeatable fine-tuned exercises with specific guidance
Fine-tuned Movement Coaching

Touch and Embodied Consent
Body reading
Voice Coaching


Taking responsibility for your own well-being:
Embodied Consent: clear boundaries.
Yang Expression from your Pelvic Power base
Shaking to release the Nervous System, re-set & let go.
Taking the lead to your inner power.


Breath Support
Embodiment Practices
Dance -gentle and wild


The Structure

1:1 Live session –  every two weeks live or online: Individual Support for YOU.
Group session   –  1x per week for 2.5 hours – Thursdays, 11.00-13.30h

1 live Group Retreat in Amsterdam :
YouCANYoga Stadionweg.  -date to be announced.

Weekly Peer Support with clear support guidelines
Facebook Group Community, in your own time

Pre -Recorded Resources and Training
You can listen and embody in your own timing

Bonus Gift:
You get your personal i-crown.
The Token of your Value and Presence.

Voice messaging Support
You can reach me when you need me!


The Investment
Price: 2777 euro – 6 participants – 5 months
Payment plan available: 555.40 euro/month

Early Bird Reduction 2666.66 euro – until 22 Juli 2024


Part 1

Winter break

Part 2
09/01/25 -06/03/2025


If you have questions or doubts, let’s meet and talk about it.




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