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Gender & Identity




During my life, I have been attracted by and attracting many people…leading to lifelong bonds and also to sharing a path for a while. In Spanish there is the expression “tener piel con alguien”which literally means “to have skin together”– to share the spark of attraction together… Why do you feel attracted to some people and not so much to others? It can be that we are attracted to people that are totally opposite of ourselves: culture, lifestyle, hair-do, opinions… Attraction is like …

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Fluid identity and liquid lead: … change your hat!

Fluid identity – Liquid lead – or …in other words:Change your hat! What kind of roles do you take on in your life? The friend, the colleague, the entrepreneur, the lover, the wife, the mother, the father, the advisor …the server, the boss, the victim, the buddy, the odd one out… There are many variations in the playground of life.Have you ever thought about them as aFluid identity with the potential of liquid lead? We all have different tasks and roles in our lives …

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