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Here you find articles connected to taking care of yourself: rituals and routines to nourish your energy.



A Morning in the park…a story on shock and safety

Let me tell you a story on shock and safety :a surprising encounter between the human and a dog world… During the summer, I am in the habit of practicing yoga outside in the park.One day this happened: I roll out my mat in a quiet, secluded place under the trees and dive into my ritual of practice. After a while I am immersed in deep letting go, all alarm guards are down, and my body and soul are poured …

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The joy of completion: open loops versus closed circles

During this article, I’d like to invite you to into the benefits and pitfalls ofopen loops and closed circles. The picture above illustrates, visually, what happens energetically. Here are some examples of open loops: A part of the house has been started to be renovated, but is not yet completed.For instance, you have laid a new floor, but the foot strips at the edges are not there yet.The last finishing touch is missing! You have sent a report to someone for revision …

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